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Best 5 Kids Halloween Costumes This Year

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to be a kid. You get to carve pumpkins, help decorate your house, do seasonal crafts, and watching Halloween-themed movies. Everyone remember a little classic called Hocus Pocus? And let’s not forget the best part: dressing up in an epic costume to go tricking-or-treating. And not just any costume, but the most happening costume; a costume that goes down in Halloween history. Here are some of the most popular costumes this year that any kid worth his or her salt would love to wear.

Batman Halloween Costume For Kids

What child, boy or girl, doesn’t want to be Batman for a little while? Make your kid’s dream come true this Halloween. The Rubie’s Dawn of Justice Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume includes a jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets, 3D boot tops, a belt, a cape, and a hard vinyl half-inch mask. The large size is designed to fit someone who measures 56 to 60 inches tall, with a 31- to 34-inch waist and a 35- to 39-inch chest. The recommended age bracket for this costume is eight to 10 years of age.

This batman costume is not to be missed for any superhero fanboy or fangirl in your house!

Kid’s Ninja costume

Next to Batman, most people want to be a ninja. Don’t let your little stealth ninja spirit off into the night with this awesome Halloween costume. The Stealth Ninja costume includes red and black ninja jumpsuit with attached hood and ties, red foam belt with foam shuriken or ninja stars, and a face mask. Don’t be alarmed if your little rascal looks a little more epic and more dangerous than usual.This ninja costume has standard and plus sizes. Toy sword is sold separately.

Ninja costumes have been popular for years and this year will be no different with many kids!

Super Cute Kid’s Bat Costume

Not to be confused with the Batman costume above, this is a BAT costume for kids. This unisex bat Halloween costume is uber cute.

Any boy or girl would look adorable in this winged ensemble. It comes in medium or size eight to 10. The costume is black and purple brushed polyester knit. The set comes with a hood with ears, a black jumpsuit, and a black and purple cape. Add a pair of plastic vampire fangs and you’ve got yourself a little vampire bat, ready to go trick-or-treating or flying around.

Hot Pink Flapper Kids Costume

Most little girls go through frilly pink stage. This flapper Halloween costume is the epitome of frilly pink, complete with a pink sequined headband with a large feather plume and a hot pink dress with hot pink fringe. The pink boa is actually sold separately (click right here for a link to it though).

The very pink flapper dress comes in the following sizes: Small (4/6), Medium (8/10), Large (12/14).The beads and shoes are sold separately as well.

Despicable Me Girl Minion Halloween Costume

Much like Waldo, minions can be found everywhere during Halloween. It is consistently a popular costume choice, for children and adults alike. In this minions Halloween costume, there is a dress, headband, goggles, gloves, and socks. The only things not included in this multi-piece costume set are the shoes.

Best Infant Costumes This Year

What is cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume? Not many things. Maybe baby animals. But if you dress your baby up like a baby animal, then it’s just an overload of adorable. You don’t just have to settle for animal costumes, however. There are so many baby and infant costumes out there from which to choose for your little bundle of cute.

Baby Tiger Tot Costume
As mentioned previously, cute babies in cute animal costumes are just too adorable. This tiger Halloween costume includes a hood with plush details, a jumpsuit with snaps for easy diaper change, and skid resistant feet. And because babies like to make messes, this super soft costume is machine washable. Your little jungle cat will be ferocious (ferociously sweet) in this tiger costume. The sizes range from extra small to extra-large. That covers newborn up to 24 month old.

Baby Viking Costume
Your baby will be ready to conquer the new world in this Viking Halloween costume. It is machine washable. The jumpsuit is lined and zippered, featuring faux fur trim and an attached decorative belt. It also includes slip-on booties and a soft horned hat with a detachable beard.

Your baby will be the life of the party in this viking costume!

Pink Elephant Costume
An adorable infant’s elephant costume that includes a lovely pink jumpsuit with attached skid resistant booties and a separate hood. The size ranges small to large, from six months to 24 months old. And it’s handily machine washable. This is an absolutely perfect costume for any little girl this year. There are similar ones in grey that might suit little boys more than a bright pink one – or pink is also fine if you want 🙂

Baby Bat Costume
This adorable, craft-looking costume feels smooth to the touch and is machine washable. The zippered, one piece jumpsuit features snaps for easy diaper change and has skid resistant booties. The costume hood includes Velcro/snap closure and detachable plush wings. This sweet bat costume will fit babies from infancy to toddlerhood.

This costume would go well for either a boy or a girl.  Either will be super cute!

Snow White Infant Costume
You need to have a princess Halloween costume for your little princess. And what better Disney princess than the first one ever? This Snow White costume features a dress with a “velvety bodice with stretch back and Velcro tab at back neck; stand up collar; satin puff sleeve with ribbon stripes and elastic cuffs; sheer fabric roses along the neck and waist; Snow White cameo at the neck; skirt with attached stiffer underskirt; and glitter sheer overlay.” The colors are yellow, blue, red, and white. It is not machine washable. This costume fits 12 month olds to 18 month olds. Other great options are available for different age infants and toddlers too!

Baby Boy Count Cutie Vampire
“Your little vampire may not have all his fangs yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t channel Dracula with this jumpsuit complete with bat pendant and detachable cape.” The baby who wears this will be the cutest count in town. The Count Cutie Vampire Halloween costume includes a jumpsuit with a detachable cape, an attached jabot and bat pendant, and snaps for easy diaper change. The jumpsuit can only be hand washed, not machine washed. The costume fits infants up to 18-months.

6 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

The last few years, many couples have decided to avoid scary Halloween costume ideas and instead go with sexy costumes. Since Halloween is one of the few nights a year where you can put on a costume and pretend to be someone else, a sexy Halloween costume can be a sure way to liven up your Halloween celebration. In addition, thanks to some ingenious online Halloween costume retailers, sexy Halloween costume are not limited to just women’s styles. Here are some costume ideas that will let your naughty side show this Halloween.

Naughty Pirates
Long known as the “bad boys” of the sea, pirate Halloween costumes can be sexy for both men and women. Both sexes can utilize high black boots, eye patches, sashes, and hats for accessories. For women, a short skirt and crop shirt can help finalize the look, and for men, tight black pants and unbuttoned shirts to show off their chests will work. Remember to add your own personal touches of gold jewelry and other accessories.

Men’s pirate costume is right here.

Fallen Angels
This sexy Halloween costume is largely geared for women. The idea here is that more is actually less. Combine the traditional halo and wings with a full-length, form fitting gown and sexy shoes. Your partner in crime could go in a variety of costumes but a devil costume would be a good addition. Fallen angels and devils do go well together 😉

Or, find a red fallen angel costume and a black devil costume as an alternative!

Sexy Superhero
What is a sexier than a superhero coming to your rescue? Many superhero costumes will automatically be better fitted to show off your superhero physique. For men, this includes fitted pants and top, and for women, a fitted top and short skirt.  Pair it off with a cape and you and your partner are ready to save the world (or at least your party)!

The accompanying men’s costume could be something like this one here.

Not-So-Innocent Schoolgirl
The schoolgirl outfit is a traditional sexy Halloween costume for women. The idea is to give off the naughty girl vibe while still appearing “innocent.” Most of these costumes include a tight shirt that features your cleavage, plaid mini skirt, and knee high white socks. Add some pigtails to your hair and grab a book and your disguise is perfect.

While the “not so innocent” school girl has been a classic costume for years now, it is one that never goes out of style and has been updated to keep it modern.

Mysterious Egyptian
Bring the heat of the Nile to your Halloween party! These sexy couples Halloween costumes are perfect for both men and women. For women, communicate your inner Cleopatra with a revealing frock, high-heeled sandals, and rich makeup. For men, you can transmit your inner King Tut with lavish robes, fitted pants, and sandals. Some gold jewelry or a crown will aid to complete the style.

Men could go as a Pharaoh or an Egyptian god to stand proudly beside the goddess next to them!

Cop and convict
Play cops and robbers all night long in these sexy couple costumes. Women get to play the bad guy in a short, frilly skirt, tub top, long black stockings and high heels. The men get the fun of chasing the guilty down and giving them what they deserve in tight-fitting shorts and short-sleeved shirt with cop hat and handcuffs. These classic costumes will be no doubt used more than once.

The guy gets to be the cop in this costume pair. Here’s a good cop costume!

However, you should keep in mind that not all sexy Halloween costumes are proper for every occasion. If you are hosting a family party, for instance, you should choose a costume that is appropriate for all ages and put aside your sexy Halloween costume for adult only parties. With a little ingenuity and swagger, you can make your sexy Halloween costume work flawlessly for your strut!

5 Matching Pet and Owner Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have a pet (mostly for cats and dogs) then Halloween can be extra fun for everyone! There are many different ways you can incorporate a pet into a Halloween party or event. Last year my friend brought their dog to my party with a faux sheep skin over it and it was “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Fun and inventive! What’s even better is having a matching pet and owner costume! Here are 5 great ideas for you to consider.

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

Join in on all the Pokemon Go fun by dressing up man’s best friend in this adorable Pikachu costume. Sizes include extra small through extra-large. Because this costume runs small, you may want to order a larger size. Snap it on and you are ready for an adventure!

Ash is always ready to do battle, and you will be too in this cool Halloween Ash costume. Sizes offered are small through extra-large and include shirt, pants, hat and wrist band. 

Scooby Doo and Shaggy

This Scooby Doo pet costume comes in a range of sizes for small to extra-large pets. Costume comes with a step-in shirt, cape and headpiece. What a perfect idea to parade your own pet as this iconic companion! Your pet can go as Scooby or even as the mystery bus!
You can go Halloween partying, just you and your pooch or as a group with the whole Scooby Doo gang–Fred, Daphne, Velma, or Shaggy!
Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat

Who says dogs can’t be cats? This Cheshire Cat pet costume comes in extra small to extra-large and is lightweight. It has adjustable Velcro closures around the neck and tummy to provide comfort and staying-power for the whole night.
Don’t be late this Halloween! This Alice in Wonderland costume comes with a hair ribbon and a blue dress with attached apron. It comes in a range of size from small through extra-large.

Yoda and Luke Skywalker

This one has to be my overall favorite pet and owner costume! Imagine your very own pet as the master of wisdom! This pet costume is machine washable. And comes in sizes from small to extra-large so every dog can have their day. Costume consists of a shirt with attached plush arms and hat with large foam ears.
And to receive Yoda’s guidance and wisdom, a great Luke Skywalker costume. Costume contains tunic, pants with attached boot tops and belt. Or you could pick from several Star Wars characters to accompany your pet’s costume. Going as a family or a group? Include the whole Star Wars gang—Princess Leia, Han Solo, Jedi knights, Stormtroopers and the dreaded Darth Vader.

Hot Dog and Condiment Bottle
Let your dog dress up as a dog…in a bun! This costume comes in a variety of sizes from extra small to XXXL. It’s a one-piece bodysuit that attaches easily with an adjustable Velcro strap. Why recreate the wheel? When you own a dog, the concept is easy, just tweak it a bit –to bun length!
Can we get some mustard on that? Be the perfect complimentary condiment to your dog for all your Halloween festivities with this one size fits most mustard bottle costume.


American Horror Story Costumes

American Horror Story is one of the best shows for the last few years.  Each season focuses on different characters dealing with new situations.  The episodes can be quite sinister and definitely keep people itching for more excitement!

You can do so much with costume ideas from this show.  Costumes could be made based on any of the show’s popular characters.  For example – Twisty the Clown is pretty creepy and a good scary clown face is sure to attract attention!

You can find some costumes based on his character that have the same attention grabbing, adrenaline pumping reaction as when he first appeared on screen.

Some of these costumes come with a latex mask that’s such a replica of his face, you’ll easily win the scariest costume at any Halloween party if there’s such a category.

Most of these costumes that have the masks feature his wild three tuffs of hair. Some fans think the two side tuffs are meant to resemble horns. With some choices, all you get is the mask for the costume, but with others, you do have the entire clown outfit included.

These are all usually white. The costume is mainly a pair of pants and a shirt with the colorful pom pom balls of three down the front of the shirt. You can find some of these costumes with gloves, but not all of them have those.

The show also brought fans the character of Larry Harvey. When you look at him, it’s clear to see that his face has been burned. This character with his dark motives became one of the must see storylines.

You can find some of the Larry Harvey costumes with the facial mask that shows the burns the character has. Some of these even have the same strange eyes that make the character stand out.

You can get his costumes in sizes that are suitable for adults or older teens. One of the other cool characters on the show is Pepper. This character struck a chord with fans for the ill way that she was treated due to her facial features.

When the character was framed for a murder she didn’t commit and sent away, many fans hoped Pepper would find a better life than the one of ridicule she’d faced.

You can dress as this intriguing character. Some of the costumes you can find based on Pepper will feature many of her well known facial features like the ones that show her protruding teeth that stick out from her wide gums.

You’ll also notice the mask portion in some of the costumes features the characters’ bald head and small portion of hair. There are many American Horror costumes to choose from – just make sure you order online and early to get your favorite pick and size!

Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth Costume

Some of the most popular costumes are superheroes, especially the ones from the Avenger movie franchise. Also popular are costumes based on the Star Wars movies.

But, the most popular superhero costume this Halloween is based on the all-American boy next door appeal of Captain America. The Captain America Winter Soldier Stealth Costume is an in-demand costume, so get yours while there are still some available.

Because this costume is so well loved, it’s a strong possibility that the costume shops and retail stores won’t have this one, so be sure and check online shops. This is a jumpsuit that’s made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

The material is comfortable and durable but is thinner to allow for ease of movement. Because of this, you might consider wearing some clothing underneath it especially if you’re going to be outside and it’s cold.

The bottom of the suit is a pair of pants with durable stitching in the hem as well as in the seams. At the waist of the jumpsuit is a brown belt design that features a silver buckle.

Captain America Winter Stealth Costume Set

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The top of the jumpsuit is a long sleeved shirt. The top of the shirt is padded so this gives the illusion that the wearer has a superhero type muscled torso. What a lot of buyers love about this costume is that it has the muscle look without being overdone the way that some costumes can be.

So you’ll be able to move around with ease while wearing this one. At white star is at the neck of the top. On each side of the star, there are gray stripes. These stripes extend from the shirt down onto the sleeves.

On either side of the star, there are also two brown straps with buckles designed onto the material of the top. It’s easy to put this costume on and take it off thanks to the velcro fasteners in the back of the costume.

There is a mask with this costume. This one is a form fitting skull hood that has the Captain America A in the center of it. There are small openings for the eyes as well as for the ears.

The red and white striped shield with the white star that Captain America carries does not come as part of this costume. However, you can buy this as a separate piece when you get the Rubies Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retro Costume Shield.

Peacock Costume For Babies

It takes a lot of patience to find the perfect costume for your baby. You want him to look cute, you want a unique costume – but you also want your baby to be safe and comfortable in whatever he wears.

There are a lot of different choices you can pick from that will make the perfect Halloween outfit. You can go with zoo animals. Those have been popular for many years and still are.

Who doesn’t love a little baby dressed up as a lion or an elephant? In keeping with the animal theme, one of the popular Halloween costumes this year is the Baby Peacock Costume.

It’s easy to see why. This jumpsuit is made of 100% polyester that’s machine washable. The suit is made up of the jumpsuit, the hood with the attached beak, a tail and booties. There is a zipper so dressing and undressing baby is a breeze.

The tail of the suit can be removed, so when you put baby in and out of his car seat, that won’t get in the way. The tail is decorated with an eye-catching peacock design and trimmed in soft, plush fur.


Buy together now for $31.34
Price Last Updated: 1:55am, 22nd September 2015 More Info

There are leg snaps along the ends of the jumpsuit so that you can make a quick diaper change if you have to. What a lot of parents liked about the booties is that the bottoms of the booties are made of skid resistant material, which help baby to keep from falling while wearing the suit.

The suit is made of a thick material and it’s lined, so it will be warm if the weather is cold outside. A big plus for this costume is that the sizing is bigger – rather than smaller – so a bigger baby will be able to easily fit it.

Because birds of a feather stick together, there’s another popular and cute costume that you can buy. It’s the InCharacter Costumes, LLC What A Hoot. This costume, like the peacock one is also lined and made for babies of various sizes.

It’s a jumpsuit that’s zippered and has snaps for easy diaper changes. The feet of the owl costume are fitted but the feet are very large, so this costume is better suited for a baby that’s not quite ready to walk yet.

Another bird costume that’s a big hit with parents and quite popular is the Underwraps Baby’s Penguin Belly-Babies. This plush costume is made up of the body, along with the wings, a hood and the oversized yellow feet. The suit is warm enough for cold weather wear. The feet of the costume can be a little clunky. This costume is not machine washable.