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3 Ideas On Using Halloween “Creepy Cloth”

creepy clothAmazon has some pretty awesome items that can double as either decoration or costume materials. I randomly found a neat product called “creepy cloth” this week. It’s a great idea that can be used both for decorations at Halloween or for a Halloween costume!

1 – Decorate with Creepy Cloth at your Halloween party! This could be used in almost any way you can think of as a decoration. It’s a sheer black fabric with rips and tears throughout it so it can be hung along walls or in corners near the ceiling for a run-down and creepy atmosphere. Since it’s 4 yards long you can easily cut it into pieces and sprinkle them on walls or in doorways for a dramatic effect!

2 – Make some of your furniture look old or dilapidated or make the outdoor decorations at your home scary for trick or treaters! I would imagine this would look good when strung over furniture at a Halloween party to quickly turn your regular furniture into a spooky version that will make your guests think twice before sitting on! Or – you can string it from the entrance to your front door to make kids walk through it to get to the door when they go trick or treating!

3 – Creepy Halloween costume material!. If you want to have a nice Zombie costume but don’t know what fabrics to use, you could use this in layers to make up an impromptu torn-up zombie cloth. You’d likely want to have some “dirty looking” clothes under it but this could easily be fashioned into a worn down jacket as an outer layer! Just wrap it around your chest and/or arms and you’re set! Your arms could even poke through the holes in the fabric. If you’re a guy who’s comfortable with your body you could show off your abs/pecs by not having a t-shirt underneath!

No matter what you choose to do with “Creepy Cloth” this haunted season, it’s a super cheap price and very easy to use to transform your decor into a spooky theme 🙂

You can get more info about creepy cloth!