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5 Matching Pet and Owner Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have a pet (mostly for cats and dogs) then Halloween can be extra fun for everyone! There are many different ways you can incorporate a pet into a Halloween party or event. Last year my friend brought their dog to my party with a faux sheep skin over it and it was “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Fun and inventive! What’s even better is having a matching pet and owner costume! Here are 5 great ideas for you to consider.

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

Join in on all the Pokemon Go fun by dressing up man’s best friend in this adorable Pikachu costume. Sizes include extra small through extra-large. Because this costume runs small, you may want to order a larger size. Snap it on and you are ready for an adventure!

Ash is always ready to do battle, and you will be too in this cool Halloween Ash costume. Sizes offered are small through extra-large and include shirt, pants, hat and wrist band. 

Scooby Doo and Shaggy

This Scooby Doo pet costume comes in a range of sizes for small to extra-large pets. Costume comes with a step-in shirt, cape and headpiece. What a perfect idea to parade your own pet as this iconic companion! Your pet can go as Scooby or even as the mystery bus!
You can go Halloween partying, just you and your pooch or as a group with the whole Scooby Doo gang–Fred, Daphne, Velma, or Shaggy!
Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat

Who says dogs can’t be cats? This Cheshire Cat pet costume comes in extra small to extra-large and is lightweight. It has adjustable Velcro closures around the neck and tummy to provide comfort and staying-power for the whole night.
Don’t be late this Halloween! This Alice in Wonderland costume comes with a hair ribbon and a blue dress with attached apron. It comes in a range of size from small through extra-large.

Yoda and Luke Skywalker

This one has to be my overall favorite pet and owner costume! Imagine your very own pet as the master of wisdom! This pet costume is machine washable. And comes in sizes from small to extra-large so every dog can have their day. Costume consists of a shirt with attached plush arms and hat with large foam ears.
And to receive Yoda’s guidance and wisdom, a great Luke Skywalker costume. Costume contains tunic, pants with attached boot tops and belt. Or you could pick from several Star Wars characters to accompany your pet’s costume. Going as a family or a group? Include the whole Star Wars gang—Princess Leia, Han Solo, Jedi knights, Stormtroopers and the dreaded Darth Vader.

Hot Dog and Condiment Bottle
Let your dog dress up as a dog…in a bun! This costume comes in a variety of sizes from extra small to XXXL. It’s a one-piece bodysuit that attaches easily with an adjustable Velcro strap. Why recreate the wheel? When you own a dog, the concept is easy, just tweak it a bit –to bun length!
Can we get some mustard on that? Be the perfect complimentary condiment to your dog for all your Halloween festivities with this one size fits most mustard bottle costume.


American Horror Story Costumes

American Horror Story is one of the best shows for the last few years.  Each season focuses on different characters dealing with new situations.  The episodes can be quite sinister and definitely keep people itching for more excitement!

You can do so much with costume ideas from this show.  Costumes could be made based on any of the show’s popular characters.  For example – Twisty the Clown is pretty creepy and a good scary clown face is sure to attract attention!

You can find some costumes based on his character that have the same attention grabbing, adrenaline pumping reaction as when he first appeared on screen.

Some of these costumes come with a latex mask that’s such a replica of his face, you’ll easily win the scariest costume at any Halloween party if there’s such a category.

Most of these costumes that have the masks feature his wild three tuffs of hair. Some fans think the two side tuffs are meant to resemble horns. With some choices, all you get is the mask for the costume, but with others, you do have the entire clown outfit included.

These are all usually white. The costume is mainly a pair of pants and a shirt with the colorful pom pom balls of three down the front of the shirt. You can find some of these costumes with gloves, but not all of them have those.

The show also brought fans the character of Larry Harvey. When you look at him, it’s clear to see that his face has been burned. This character with his dark motives became one of the must see storylines.

You can find some of the Larry Harvey costumes with the facial mask that shows the burns the character has. Some of these even have the same strange eyes that make the character stand out.

You can get his costumes in sizes that are suitable for adults or older teens. One of the other cool characters on the show is Pepper. This character struck a chord with fans for the ill way that she was treated due to her facial features.

When the character was framed for a murder she didn’t commit and sent away, many fans hoped Pepper would find a better life than the one of ridicule she’d faced.

You can dress as this intriguing character. Some of the costumes you can find based on Pepper will feature many of her well known facial features like the ones that show her protruding teeth that stick out from her wide gums.

You’ll also notice the mask portion in some of the costumes features the characters’ bald head and small portion of hair. There are many American Horror costumes to choose from – just make sure you order online and early to get your favorite pick and size!

Frozen Halloween Costumes – Anna, Olaf, And Elsa

This past year, Frozen was one of the most popular movies for adults and kids alike. Frozen Halloween costumes are going to be some of the hottest costumes for teens and younger kids this Halloween!

Elsa is one of the few main characters of the movie and the Elsa costume is a great one. She wears a really nice light blue dress that is covered with white snowflakes. It looks quite a bit like the dress she wore in the movie while singing “Let It Go”! Any teenage girl will look like a queen since the dress is regal and quite flowy as you move.

To finish out the costume you’ll need a few accessories (that shouldn’t be too costly). Start with a tiara for their crown. Then you’ll want to get some sparkly shoes and some tights in a blue color. If you want to go all out you can find a wig that looks just like Elsa’s hair!

Another of the main characters teens will want to dress up as is Anna – Elsa’s sister. The Anna Halloween costume is pretty easy to find. It’s a really nice dress (just like Elsa’s). The blue dress is darker than the one Elsa wears. For the complete look you’ll need a cape (which comes with the official version of the costume, thankfully). The cape helps the teen or young girl stay warm while trick or treating or going to a Halloween party with friends or family.

You may want to consider a tiara for Anna’s costume as well (though it’s not necessary). There are some nice wigs that match Anna’s hair really well.

#1Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses - F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)
Santana Fashion Girls Snow Queen Costume Snow Princess Dresses – F2-Elsa (US-7/8 Elsa)

#2Frozen Elsas Tiara
Frozen Elsa”s Tiara

#3Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress - Anna
Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress – Anna

#4Disney Frozen Elsas Tiara and Braid
Disney Frozen Elsa”s Tiara and Braid

#5Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)
Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies (Small)

To really go all out and finalize both girls’ costumes there are a lot of options for jewelry in the Frozen theme. Amazon has a ton of bracelents and such to choose from.

Olaf is another great character from the Frozen movie. Teenage boys or girls could really dress up as Olaf this year. The Olaf costume is easy to figure out. You’ll need a white jumpsuit with a full hood. Wear either a brown or white t-shirt (with long sleeves) underneath the jumpsuit. You’ll also need some white boots, slippers, or booties to complete the look.

Progressive Insurance Flo Costume For Halloween

Every now and then a commercial will feature a character that stands out and everyone just loves that character. Flo is the adorable, upbeat host of many of Progressive Insurance’s commercials.

She’s a fun costume pick for any Halloween event and you can look just like her with a few simple accessories. The first thing you’ll want to work on is capturing Flo’s hairstyle.

It’s often described as perky and it fits her personality. Style your hair so your bangs part to the side and give your hair some extra volume in the back. For best results, try using a volume styling hair insert.

Once you’re done with that, add a simple navy headband and you’ll be well on your way to looking just like Flo. If you don’t want to style your hair like Flo’s or if you don’t have time to, you can opt for a wig that’s already styled and just add a headband to it.

Once you’ve finished with styling your hair, you’ll need the clothing part of the costume. For this, you’ll want to wear a white polo and white pants. Next, grab a white apron.

#1Progressive Flo Costume Set Standard
Progressive Flo Costume Set Standard

#2Insurance Girl Wig
Insurance Girl Wig

#3Insurance Lady Costume
Insurance Lady Costume

#4MAC Lipstick Lustre Lady Bug
MAC Lipstick Lustre Lady Bug

#5I (Heart) Insurance Halloween Badge
I (Heart) Insurance Halloween Badge

There are actually official aprons with Progressive’s logo available or you can use a heat transfer to put the logo on your apron if you want to do it yourself. For shoes, opt for blue sneakers. If you want to match Flo exactly, wear Navy Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers.

After you have Flo’s outfit and hair done, you’ll want to get a few accessories to complete the look. The first accessory to look for is an ‘I Heart Insurance’ pin. This badge is usually pinned to Flo’s apron on the top right side.

On the left side of the apron across from the badge is Flo’s nametag. Her nametag is white with two blocks of color above it. The first block of color is orange and the second one is blue. Flo’s name is typed in all caps using a plain font.

You’ll want to purchase a watch that’s small and has a brown leather band to match Flo’s if you don’t already have one like it. Finally, don’t forget the auto insurance box that Flo carries. You can create your own insurance box or you might be able to find one to purchase that you can use as a prop.

Now all you need to do is add some bright red lipstick and your Flo costume will be complete. If you want to match Flo’s lipstick exactly, then opt for MAC Lady Bug lipstick since it’s the official brand she wears.

Big Bang Theory Halloween Costumes

big bang theory halloween costumesThe Big Bang Theory is an American comedy show which first aired in 2007. It has become an amazing world-wide success due to the collection of lovable geeky characters in the show. The four main characters each have a distinct look which can be easily replicated for fun Big Bang Theory Halloween costumes.

Sheldon Cooper Halloween Costume
Sheldon’s costume is basically made up of clothing that a student would wear. He likes brown pants, a long t-shirt with a short sleeved t-shirt layered on top and a pair of brown lace up shoes.

What really makes his look stand out is the t-shirts which are emblazoned with logos. The logos usually refer to his favourite comic books or to a scientific theory.

There are three great options that have proven to be most popular. Choose a bright red t-shirt with the yellow insignia of “The Flash”. You could also choose a green coloured t-shirt with the logo image that represents “The Green Lantern”. Another option is to get a t-shirt with one of Sheldon’s famous sayings printed on it. A fun example is the word “Bazinga”.

Howard Wolowitz Halloween Costume
Howard likes to think of himself as a ladies man and his clothing is a little over the top.Most of his costume can be found in second hand shops that have a seventies vibe.

A very popular look for him is the turtleneck worn underneath a plaid shirt. This is then tucked into a pair of pants that are a little bit too tight for him. As a babe magnet, he also wears a leather belt with a oversized buckle so that the ladies can zone in on that particular area.

Howard’s choice of footwear is a pair of tennis shoes that colour co-ordinate with the pants that he is wearing.

Howard has the worst bowl cut hairstyle ever. This can be replicated by getting a short dark brown wig.

#1Mystery House The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bazinga Mens Costume
The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bazinga Mens Costume

#2The Big Bang Theory Temporary Tattoos
The Big Bang Theory Temporary Tattoos

#3Big Bang Theory Leonard Trompe Loeil Costume Mens T-Shirt
Big Bang Theory Leonard Trompe Loeil Costume Mens T-Shirt

#4Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Kigurumi Costume One Size Fits Most
Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Costume One Size Fits Most

#5Mens The Big Bang Theory Shel-bot Costume T-shirt
Mens The Big Bang Theory Shel-bot Costume T-shirt

Leonard Hofstader Halloween Costume
Leonard’s costume is another costume that is easy to put together. This character is quite shy and wears muted tones. His looks consists of a pair of dark pants or jeans, a t-shirt with a logo or print, which is then overlayed with a hooded top and a khaki coloured jacket.

His footwear is usually a pair of converse shoes. Leonard wears dark rimmed glasses and has short curly hair.

Rajesh Koothrappali Halloween Costume
Rajesh’s costume is made up of clothes that are a part of everyday wear for the typical young student or graduate. The only difference is that he finishes off the look with one item of clothing that tends to clashes terribly with the rest of his ensemble.

The costume is made up of a pair of green or khaki pants, a plain shirt and a light coloured jacket. The bad taste part of his costume is the type of sweater Rajesh chooses to wear. These knitted V neck vests are reminiscent of clothing from the 1970s. They are usually made in brown and mustard colours or bright oranges and yellows with diamond or hexagon patterns that were very popular back in the day. Sometimes Rajesh wears a bright red baseball cap.

Orange Is The New Black Halloween Costume

orange is the new black halloween costumeOrange Is the New Black is an American comedy-drama series that is set in a prison. It airs on Netflix and has become a real success story. If you are thinking about dressing up as one of the characters from the show, then here are the items you need to create the perfect prison Halloween costume.

The two main characters in the show are Piper and Alex. They used to be a couple back in the day and are now serving sentences for drug related crimes in the same prison.

The prisoners wear two sets of uniforms. They will either be wearing an orange outfit, or they will be wearing a khaki coloured set of scrubs.

Piper’s Prison Costume
The main part of Piper’s outfit is the set of orange scrubs that she wears when she first arrives at the prison. You can get these from any fancy dress store or you might be able to find a cheaper alternative by looking for nurse’s scrubs. They come in all colours and you can pick up a set at a very reasonable price.

The rest of Piper’s prison outfit includes the white long sleeved top that she wears underneath the orange vest. Then you just need the dark coloured sneakers and a pair of white tennis socks to finish the look.

Piper’s Hair
If you want to dress like Piper, you should have long blond hair. If this is not your natural hair colour, you can easily purchase a blond wig online.

#1Forum Novelties Mens Adult Jailbird Costume
Men’s Adult Jailbird Costume

#2Underwraps Womens Busted
Sexy Women’s Busted Prison Costume

#3Ao No Exorcist Shiemi Moriyama Cosplay Light Blonde Short Party Hair Wig
Piper’s Light Blonde Short Party Hair Wig

#4California Costumes Womens Eye Candy - Coquette Wig
Alex Wig

#5Dark Tan Heavyweight Premium Quality Unisex Scrub Set
Alex’s Tan Scrub Kit

Alex’s Prison Costume
Alex wears the tan coloured prison outfit. It is the same style as Piper’s orange scrubs. Again, you could check out the fancy dress stores or see if you can find a set in the nurse’s uniform section of the store.

Alex has long dark hair so if you want to complete the look, invest in a good wig. This character also has a tattoo of a rose on the top of her arm and a ring of vines around her wrist. You can get some really great temporary tattoos that easily adhere to the skin and are then easy to remove once the Halloween celebrations are over.

Don’t forget the pair of black rimmed glasses that she wears.

Crazy Eyes
One of the most distinctive characters in the cast of Orange is the New Black is called Crazy Eyes. She stands out because of her looks and demeanour. She wears the tan set of prison overalls with a grey under-shirt.

If you twist your hair into little plaited knots and cross your eyes, then you are half way to looking like this character.

Best Game Of Thrones Halloween Costumes

Game of Thrones is an American Fantasy drama series. The story is based on a collection of fantasy novels. The show is set in a medieval land that is populated by a host of kings, queens, love, war and a lot of violence.

The show has made stars of the actors and two fantastic characters that you could choose as inspiration for your Halloween costumes are Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drago.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume
Daenerys Targaryen is a major female character in the show. As she is the last remaining survivor of King Aerys II Targaryen, who was ousted from his throne by rebels, she believes that she is the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Royal Blue Dress
There are a few dresses that you can choose from, depending on the style that you prefer. If you want to go for a formal look, then you might like the royal blue dress that she wears with the long blue cape.

The Dothraki Khaleesi Costume
If you prefer the earthy tones and you are happy to show off a little more flesh, choose the outfit that consists of a brown bustier top with a brown leather and suede skirt that sits low on the hips. Add a pair of leather fingerless gloves and knee high boots and your look is complete.

The Hair
Daenerys has long white blond hair. This is not the natural colour for the majority of women but it is fairly easy to locate a beautiful wig. It is a good idea to buy a basic long wig and style it yourself. You can add the waves and ringlets and the little plaits at the side to hold the hair back. Fortunately there is a great blue dress that comes with a quality wig that will work well for Daenerys

#1Game of Thrones GOT Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen Warrior Princess Costume Wig
Game of Thrones GOT Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen Warrior Princess Costume Wig

#2Game of Thrones Khaleesi Blue Warrior Princess Costume with Wig
Game of Thrones Khaleesi Blue Warrior Princess Costume with Wig

#3Targaryen Dragon Shoulder Sitter Adult Costume Accessory
Targaryen Dragon Shoulder Sitter Adult Costume Accessory

#4Medieval Fantasy Drogo Costume Armor and Belt Adult
Medieval Fantasy Drogo Costume Armor and Belt Adult

#5Game of Thrones Medieval North King Ned Stark Fur Costume Cloak Cape
Game of Thrones Medieval North King Ned Stark Fur Costume Cloak Cape

Khal Drogo Costume

If you are going to a Halloween party as part of a couple, then the choice of a Khal Drogo costume would be perfect. He was married to Daenerys but was killed in the first season of the show. The character may be gone but this is still a very popular choice as a Halloween costume.

Khal Drogo’s Outfit
This costume consists of a high waisted belt-like top made from leather and suede fabrics that are cut into different shapes and sewn together. These are worn over a pair of brown leather or suede pants. Add a gold metal belt or a leather apron on top of the pants.

If you can not find a specific Khal Drogo costume, you can create your own by customising a male warrior or gladiator costume.

As a warrior, Khal Drogo has many weapons. You can choose to accessorise your Halloween costume with a set of daggers or a large fake sickle. Add a pair of leather arm guards and a pair of sturdy brown boots and you will be all set.

The Hair
Khal’s hair is long and brown. You can choose to leave it loose or tie it back away from the face. He also has a moustache and a long beard which is tied into sections. Use colourful elastic bands or embroidery thread to re-create this look.

As well as the dark facial hair, Khal’s eyes are outlined with thick black eye-liner and eye-shadow. This helps to make him look like even more of a fierce warrior.

The Tattoos
Khal Drogo’s body is adorned with tattoos that feature prominently on his back, shoulders and they also decorate his pec muscles. The tattoos are like his warrior armour. This can be added with body paint using a pale blue shade.