Dark Knight Batman Costume For Boys


Batman costumes have and always will be a hit among young boys for Halloween. The masked Superhero is a comic legend and movie star. Even though some of the more recent movies might be a little tough for the younger crowds, that doesn’t stop them from wanting to dress up like Batman.

A Batman the Dark Knight Movie Costume for Kids costume would be perfect this Halloween for your child. Rubies makes one that’s officially licensed for the movie, and it looks like the real deal.

It’s available in child’s sizes toddler, small, medium and large. There’s a handy size chart shown with the image of the costume so that you can get something that fits perfectly, since so many costumes have trouble with sizes being too small or too large.

With this Batman costume for kids, your child will get a jumpsuit that has a muscle chest padded into it. There are boot tops that can attach to your child’s shoes (or you can have him wear boots if you prefer). A headpiece, gold belt and black cape come with the outfit to complete the look.

The jumpsuit is easy to get in and out of – the closure on the back is a velcro fastener, so a child won’t have to ask for help with it. Consumers have expressed their delight in the quality of this costume.

Now let’s talk accessories because you can take the basic look and make it that much more exciting if you add these options. First, there is the set of Batman The Dark Knight Child Gauntlet Gloves for Batman. One size fits most children.

These gloves are also official gear from the Dark Knight franchise. They’re made of latex foam, and really easy to clean with a damp cloth in case your son happens to get them dirty.

There are two really cool weapons you might want to get your son to carry with his costume (or attach them to the belt if you can). They are the Batman Grappling Hook and the Batarangs.

The Batarangs are plastic and come in a set with a flashlight. Both are official Batman licensed toys, so the quality is top notch. When your child uses the flashlight and shines it on something, he’ll be able to see the infamous Bat Signal.

The Grappling Hook is a building that lets Batman climb skyscrapers and hook criminals. It has a gold, three-pronged hook that’s attached to a black handle. The whole thing is about 8 inches in length and has Batman logos on the sides.

But the best accessory is the trick or treat pail that’s Batman’s head! You can get a Halloween pail that closely resembles the masked crusader and let him pretend that he’s the Dark Knight out fight crime (and getting candy) in Gotham City.

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