Progressive Insurance Flo Costume For Halloween

Every now and then a commercial will feature a character that stands out and everyone just loves that character. Flo is the adorable, upbeat host of many of Progressive Insurance’s commercials.

She’s a fun costume pick for any Halloween event and you can look just like her with a few simple accessories. The first thing you’ll want to work on is capturing Flo’s hairstyle.

It’s often described as perky and it fits her personality. Style your hair so your bangs part to the side and give your hair some extra volume in the back. For best results, try using a volume styling hair insert.

Once you’re done with that, add a simple navy headband and you’ll be well on your way to looking just like Flo. If you don’t want to style your hair like Flo’s or if you don’t have time to, you can opt for a wig that’s already styled and just add a headband to it.

Once you’ve finished with styling your hair, you’ll need the clothing part of the costume. For this, you’ll want to wear a white polo and white pants. Next, grab a white apron.

#1Progressive Flo Costume Set Standard
Progressive Flo Costume Set Standard

#2Insurance Girl Wig
Insurance Girl Wig

#3Insurance Lady Costume
Insurance Lady Costume

#4MAC Lipstick Lustre Lady Bug
MAC Lipstick Lustre Lady Bug

#5I (Heart) Insurance Halloween Badge
I (Heart) Insurance Halloween Badge

There are actually official aprons with Progressive’s logo available or you can use a heat transfer to put the logo on your apron if you want to do it yourself. For shoes, opt for blue sneakers. If you want to match Flo exactly, wear Navy Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers.

After you have Flo’s outfit and hair done, you’ll want to get a few accessories to complete the look. The first accessory to look for is an ‘I Heart Insurance’ pin. This badge is usually pinned to Flo’s apron on the top right side.

On the left side of the apron across from the badge is Flo’s nametag. Her nametag is white with two blocks of color above it. The first block of color is orange and the second one is blue. Flo’s name is typed in all caps using a plain font.

You’ll want to purchase a watch that’s small and has a brown leather band to match Flo’s if you don’t already have one like it. Finally, don’t forget the auto insurance box that Flo carries. You can create your own insurance box or you might be able to find one to purchase that you can use as a prop.

Now all you need to do is add some bright red lipstick and your Flo costume will be complete. If you want to match Flo’s lipstick exactly, then opt for MAC Lady Bug lipstick since it’s the official brand she wears.

Duck Dynasty Costumes For Halloween

If you’re looking for a fun costume idea, then you should consider dressing up as one of the characters from the Duck Dynasty show. Two of the most popular characters from the show are Uncle Si and his nephew, Willie, both of which you can find costumes for.

The Uncle Si costume comes with a camouflage hunting vest that has the Duck Dynasty logo on the left side. You can wear what you like under the jacket, even jeans and a t-shirt with long sleeves will work. But for best results, you’ll probably want to wear a camouflage jacket and pants so it’s more keeping with the character.

Along with the vest, you’ll also get a hat and a pair of glasses that are similar to the ones Uncle Si wears on the show. Of course, the best part of the costume is the big, thick beard they’re all known for. To complete the look, be sure to carry around a green tumbler and sip a beverage of your choice.

For Willie’s costume, you’ll get a hunting vest that looks similar to Uncle Si’s. Also included are a bandana with the American flag and a fake beard. To get the look that Willie wears, pair faded blue jeans with a dress shirt and a white suit coat.

Another popular character from the Duck Dynasty show is Phil Robertson. He’s the father of Willie, the voice of the narrator, and he’s also Uncle Si’s brother. A costume for Phil would include a beard and a camouflage bandanna or hat and possibly some comfortable sunglasses. Don’t forget to pick up a duck call to complete the look.

#1InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie Costume
InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Willie Costume

#2Duck Hunter Costume Camo Hat W/Attached Grey Wig and Beard Set Adult
Duck Hunter Costume Camo Hat W/Attached Grey Wig and Beard Set Adult

#3InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Uncle Si
InCharacter Costumes Duck Dynasty Uncle Si

#4Duck Commander Fear the Beard Costume
Duck Commander Fear the Beard Costume

#5Duck Dynasty Child Si Role Play Beard Standard
Duck Dynasty Child Si Role Play Beard Standard

One of the most popular female characters on Duck Dynasty is Miss Kay. She’s the wife of Phil Robertson and mother to Willie. She’s known for wearing an apron frequently on the show.

Sometimes, her aprons have her name on them and sometimes they don’t. If you plan on dressing up as Miss Kay, then look for a costume that has an apron packaged with it.

Another thing that could be included with a Miss Kay costume would be a dark wig and possibly rain boots as she’s known to wear them frequently. Miss Kay’s biggest passion besides her faith and her family is cooking.

So to complete the look of your Miss Kay costume, grab a plastic bowl and stirring spoon. You can even put powdered sugar or white flour in the bowl. Take a small bit of the flour or sugar and blow on it for a true Miss Kay look.

Dracula Untold Costumes – unique vampire costume deals

Like many years, Dracula costumes will be pretty popular this year. Many people don’t know that the Prince Vlad lived in Romania and was given the name Dracula which some say means “Son of Dracul” while others say it means “Son of a dragon.”

Regardless of the meaning, the name Dracula has struck fear in the hearts of people who became acquainted with the name thanks to Bram Stoker’s book from so long ago.

The story of Dracula has been retold many times since the late 1800s. Dracula Untold is one version of such a retelling (I’ve pasted the preview/trailer down below in case you want to see it again)

This is a movie that’s supposed to release close to Halloween and is guaranteed to chase chills up your spine. The creep factor to this movie and character is more fitting with a horror film and dials up the dread so much more than other retellings.

Luke Evans is the actor who plays the character of Vlad Tepes based on Prince Vlad or Vlad the Impaler as he was called. In the movie, it explores the world of Vlad Tepes before and up to him becoming the fearsome character. The movie has a gray, dark tone to the settings as well as with the costumes.

Unlike the cartoonish Dracula costumes you’ll sometimes see on the market, the one worn in the movie is quite stylish. The color of Dracula’s clothes are gray or black starting with the character even before he’s known as Dracula.

#1California Costumes Mens Very Cool Vampire Costume
California Costumes Men”s Very Cool Vampire Costume

#2California Costumes Womens Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume
California Costumes Women”s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume

#3Seasons Mens Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit (Adult)
Seasons Men”s Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit (Adult)

As Vlad, the character manages to create an empathetic feel due to his strong feelings for the world he rules and those he cares about. When he’s in character, you’ll find this character’s costume to be dark, long sleeves shirts that look blue-gray in color paired with dark pants.

As Dracula, the costume is a long, flowing black cape similar to the ones you’ve seen in the other Dracula stories. There’s also a button up, dark vest in a silky material – and a neck scarf is worn at times.

Though the character of Dracula does have fangs in this movie, it’s not the fake looking ones from movies past. These look real and very fearsome. You’ll find that some of the Dracula costumes advertise the fangs along with a cape and black boot covers while with other costumes, you have to buy each piece as an individual one.

Another one of the costumes from the movie is a cloak more than a cape. It has large sleeves and is more of a dark gray than black. There’s a gray vest with this one and large black cravat tied in a bow. The white shirt that goes under the vest does not come with this costume.

Despicable Me Costume Ideas – top costume for 2014!

despicable me costumeI really think that Despicable Me costumes will be one of the top costume ideas this year! There are now two hit movies in the past few years and adults and kids alike seem to love the characters (not to mention several games on the iPhone, iPad, and android phones)!

If you’re looking for a costume that’s sure to be a hit, dress up as one of the Despicable Me characters. There are several funny characters that you can choose from. One of the best costumes to buy is one of the Minions. These little guys really helped to make the movie a big hit.

Minion Dave with two eye goggles is just as popular as is Minion Stuart with only one eye goggle. Most of the Minion costumes come as a one piece jumpsuit. You’ll find that the top of the jumpsuit looks like a yellow t-shirt with blue overalls on top. Many of these costumes also include dark gloves and dark socks to complete the look.

When it comes to the eye goggles some Minion costumes will look different. You’ll find that some costumes don’t offer the eye goggles and instead have a hood with the face of a Minion printed on it.

Other costumes will have eye goggles that fit snugly against your face. Both are good options and it depends on the age of the person wearing the costume as to which one is best for you.

#1Despicable Me Childs Costume Minion Jorge Costume
Despicable Me Childs Costume Minion Jorge Costume

#2Rubies Costume Despicable Me 2 Female Minion Dress With Accessories
Rubie”s Costume Despicable Me 2 Female Minion Dress With Accessories

#3Rubies Costume Despicable Me 2 Gru and Mask
Rubie”s Costume Despicable Me 2 Gru and Mask

#4Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Dave Minion Costume Medium
Despicable Me 2 Deluxe Dave Minion Costume Medium

#5Mask-Arade Mens Despicable Me Minion Mask - Stuart
Mask-Arade Men”s Despicable Me Minion Mask – Stuart













If you want to be a Minion but you’re not sure about the jumpsuit costumes, that’s no problem. You can dress up as Minion Dave in a cute foam costume. You’ll get Minion Dave’s face printed on the outfit.

It has holes designed for your head, arms, and feet. You’ll want to add some black socks and shoes to finish up the look. This is one costume that will grab everyone’s attention and win prizes.

If you don’t want to dress up as one of the Minions, you could go as the adorable Agnes from Despicable Me. Like the other costumes, Agnes’ outfit is made of a one piece jumpsuit.

It has a printed striped shirt with blue overalls that are cute. Some of the costumes for Agnes also include a wig, but some don’t. If the one you choose doesn’t, you can always get a black wig and modify it to fit her hairstyle. Don’t forget to carry a unicorn to make sure you accessorize this character.

Another fun character costume is Gru. The Gru mask will make you look just like he did in the movie. It has the long pointed nose and thick eyebrows. There are cutouts in the mask so that you can see out of it.

Some costumes include Gru’s standard wardrobe with the mask and some don’t. If yours doesn’t, you can opt to wear a gray sweater top and striped scarf. For the bottom of the costume, choose black pants and black shoes.

3 Ideas On Using Halloween “Creepy Cloth”

creepy clothAmazon has some pretty awesome items that can double as either decoration or costume materials. I randomly found a neat product called “creepy cloth” this week. It’s a great idea that can be used both for decorations at Halloween or for a Halloween costume!

1 – Decorate with Creepy Cloth at your Halloween party! This could be used in almost any way you can think of as a decoration. It’s a sheer black fabric with rips and tears throughout it so it can be hung along walls or in corners near the ceiling for a run-down and creepy atmosphere. Since it’s 4 yards long you can easily cut it into pieces and sprinkle them on walls or in doorways for a dramatic effect!

2 – Make some of your furniture look old or dilapidated or make the outdoor decorations at your home scary for trick or treaters! I would imagine this would look good when strung over furniture at a Halloween party to quickly turn your regular furniture into a spooky version that will make your guests think twice before sitting on! Or – you can string it from the entrance to your front door to make kids walk through it to get to the door when they go trick or treating!

3 – Creepy Halloween costume material!. If you want to have a nice Zombie costume but don’t know what fabrics to use, you could use this in layers to make up an impromptu torn-up zombie cloth. You’d likely want to have some “dirty looking” clothes under it but this could easily be fashioned into a worn down jacket as an outer layer! Just wrap it around your chest and/or arms and you’re set! Your arms could even poke through the holes in the fabric. If you’re a guy who’s comfortable with your body you could show off your abs/pecs by not having a t-shirt underneath!

No matter what you choose to do with “Creepy Cloth” this haunted season, it’s a super cheap price and very easy to use to transform your decor into a spooky theme 🙂

You can get more info about creepy cloth!

Halloween Costumes For The Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies

The Hobbit films have a large fan base and the third movie in the series, The Battle of Five Armies, shows the return of some of the favorite characters that people love.

If you’re looking for who to dress up as for Halloween, there are plenty of character costumes to choose from that are patterned after The Hobbit films. The first character costume is Galadriel’s, the royal elf.

Her costume is relatively easy, and also recognizable. It includes a simple white dress with a length that stops at the ankles. The sleeves are short, but the dress comes with the flowing material around the arms that were also seen in the movie so they look bigger.

#1The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Costume
The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins Costume

#2Rubies Lord of The Rings Hobbit Costume Feet
Rubies Lord of The Rings Hobbit Costume Feet

#3Rubies Costume The Hobbit Gandalf Costume
Rubie”s Costume The Hobbit Gandalf Costume













The dress has a high neckline and the bodice may have simple beading on it. The costume comes with a silver headpiece and may or may not include matching shoes.

The leader of Dwarves, Elves, and men in The Battle of the Five Armies is Thorin Oakenshield. His costume comes with a tabard that has an attached jacket similar to the one worn by Thorin in the movie.

The jacket stops just below the knees and has silver arms and a high collar. The costume includes a belt for the waist and molded armor for the chest and wrists. The costume may also include a beard and mustache similar to Thorin’s and a wig.

The next character is Legolas, the son of King Thranduil. The character costume for Legolas comes with a purple and gray jacket that stops just above the knees. It also includes a dark purple cloak that stops at the ankles and can be tied in the front around the neck.

The costume also comes with boots and a belt. The costume may also include a blond wig with braids near the front that are similar to the braids Legolas has in the movie, but the majority of the costumes are sold without including the wig. The costume may also include a bow and arrows depending on the maker of the costume.

One of the most popular characters in The Hobbit is Gandalf the wizard. His costume is an ankle length robe of dark blue. The sleeves of the robe go down to the wrists and are very loose.

The costume also includes a thin brown belt that can be adjusted around the waist. It also comes with black boots with a slight heel and a gray wizard’s hat with a pointed end.

The costume may also include a curly gray wig with a matching beard that stops mid-chest. The costume does not come with a plastic sword or staff similar to the ones Gandalf is seen with in the movies, so you’ll want to look for that separately.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Costume

Captain America is a superhero often called upon to save the day. Kids and adults alike enjoy portraying this hero in costume. You can find several different styles of this costume.

One of these is a child costume in either dark or light blue. These costumes are a one piece jumpsuit made out of polyester. This costume has blue at the top as well as at the bottom.

In the middle of the costume, designed to look like it’s layered, are red and white stripes. There is also a belt design that’s part of the costume and is not a separate piece.

The mask is included that’s actually part of a hat design that makes it easy to stay on a child’s head without any annoying straps. You’ll see many of these costumes showing a child holding a shield.

Be forewarned though, that the majority of these costumes do not include the shield, so read the fine print. You can purchase this separately along with the Captain America gloves and boot covers.

Another style of this costume is the muscle torso one. It has the same headpiece and it also doesn’t have the shield. However, there is a star design in the center of the torso that does light up with LED lights. The batteries are included. There is a Captain America suit for adults that includes a muscle torso and headpiece.

#1Disguise Mens Marvel Winter Soldier Classic Muscle Costume
Disguise Men”s Marvel Winter Soldier Classic Muscle Costume

#2Disguise Mens Marvel Winter Soldier Adult Gloves
Disguise Men”s Marvel Winter Soldier Adult Gloves

#3Disguise Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie 2 Captain America Classic Muscle Boys Costume Medium (7-8)
Disguise Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie 2 Captain America Classic Muscle Boys Costume Medium (7-8)

#4Disguise Nick Fury Avengers Deluxe Adult Licensed Costume
Disguise Nick Fury Avengers Deluxe Adult Licensed Costume

#5Marvel Nick Fury Costume Suit Fitted Adult T-shirt
Marvel Nick Fury Costume Suit Fitted Adult T-shirt

Little girls love the Black Widow costume that’s a take off of the character Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson. This costume is a hand wash only black jumpsuit.

It comes with a belt that has a red design in the center. It also comes with a set of wrist cuffs. You can also find a Black Widow red hair wig if you want to complete an authentic look from head to toe.

For adults, there’s a Nick Fury costume available. This is a jacket that looks like leather, but isn’t. It has the emblem of the organization on the upper right sleeve of the jacket. The jacket has velcro straps like ones on the character’s jacket in the movie. This costume also comes with a belt and the eye patch worn similar to Nick Fury’s.

In this version, Captain America has a love interest in the character of Agent 13 played by Emily VanCamp. On the set, the agent wears crisp business suits. Her costume consists of a dark gray or black business suit with a blue striped shirt. The shirt has a wide, white collar that she wears open rather than buttoned up.