Sport Dog Costumes

football player dog costumeThere is a huge selection of sports dog costumes and with all the great ideas out there, it can be a hard choice deciding which one you want to get because so many of them are just awesome! If you have a sports team that you just love and root for, then you can usually find a licensed product from that team for your dog’s Halloween costume.

For example, you can easily get licensed NFL costumes of your favorite team with the jersey numbers on the back of the costume. These costumes will have the same team colors that the players wear. You can also get cheerleading costumes for your dog that are mini replicas of the cheerleading uniforms that are worn by your favorite team’s cheerleaders.

If you like football but don’t want to dish out the extra money for an official team costume for your dog then you can get a generic but awesome football costume for your dog.  I like this one the best from the football costumes for pets that I found online!

I think the cheerleader costumes are pretty incredible too.  Even if you have a male dog, the cheerleading costumes for Halloween still look really funny and your friends will appreciate the look!

But if you don’t want to go with any of the licensed products, you still have plenty of other options. You can get football player costumes for your dog that have the jersey shirt with the number on the back and also have uniform pants. These come in different colors and many different sizes too!. A football helmet that ties on and has holes for the dog’s ears is also included.

Basketball uniforms as costumes is also another option. These costumes are varied and can include the stuffed arms holding a ball so that it appears your dog is on his legs actually holding the ball. The costume is a shirt and pants with the dog’s legs fitting through the legs of the pants. But you can also get the costumes that are basketball jerseys and come with matching booties for your pet.

Whether you go with football or basketball, there are also cheerleading costumes that can go along with either of the sports dog costumes. These are all different styles and colors and are easy Velcro closures either under the neck or the stomach. Some of the more unique cheerleading costumes are the ones that have multi-colored pom-pom booties.

basketball costume for dogsBesides football and basketball costumes, there’s another ball costume that looks great on dogs and that’s the baseball costume. With the jersey vest and matching hat, your pet will look like he’s ready to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

There aren’t many options for baseball dog Halloween costumes unfortunately.  The best one that is on Amazon really is a fun costume for even a big or small dog though!  If you don’t want a baseball costume, there are plenty of other sports costumes for dogs to choose from.

Some pet owners prefer to dress their dogs up in costumes that show their love of a certain sport without using a jersey jumpsuit costume. For those owners, there are sports costumes that are football costumes that are simply a football or a basketball or a soccer ball.  In my opinion these look best on smaller dogs!

Best Horror Movie Costumes For Couples

When it comes time to attend all of this year’s Halloween parties, you and your significant other might want to consider dressing as one of Hollywood’s scariest lovebird couples. It is Halloween, after all, and horror movie costumes for couples are cute, even if they can be frightening at times.

Awesome Chucky Mask For HalloweenChucky and his bride are terrifying costumes that reflect the horror genre. Who can forget that creepy red-headed doll that came alive and murdered people? I remember this movie absolutely freaking my little sister out when we were little.  While Chucky’s costume is typically horrifying, the Bride of Chucky costume is glamorous – even with the ax she’s wielding and the blood splattered all across her dress.

The Chucky costumes on Amazon actually have pretty bad reviews.  The main one is apparently pretty darn cheap.  One way to get around this and save money is to wear jean overalls, a striped shirt and just get a good quality mask.  This Chucky mask is great and only about $27!  Then all you need is a cheap fake axe or other weapon and your costume is set!

Zombie bride and grooms aren’t from any specific movie, but there have been many couples turned into zombies on shows and movies, so this is a popular horror flick couple costume idea this year, with zombie topics all the rage.

As a fan of cheesy horror movies (and someone who has seen so many zombie movies I’m afraid to admit it) I think this is one of the best options for horror movie costumes for couples!   The zombie bride costume has a solid 5 star review

Leatherface and his Mrs. From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are a sexy duo. Of course he didn’t really get married, but costume designers have taken the horror genre and those completely unlovable killers and given them companion costumes just in case someone ever found it in their heart to give him a shot. Hers even has a matching chainsaw so she can help get the job done.  You could really make up any costume you want for his wife.  Head out and pick up your favorite gory women’s Halloween costume and you’ll make a great Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror costume for a couple!  Or, you can go with this Miss Leatherface costume.  She’s made up to be his evil accomplice!

Freddie Kruger and the wifey are another such example. No one could really endure those razor sharp claws, but if she did, she would no doubt be wearing a sweater dress to match her lover, along with a hat like his, and a set of claws all her own.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th make a formidable duo. His and her hockey masks with matching machetes will send your friends and family screaming in terror. Make sure you have a little fake blood splatter on the costumes, too.

Mummy couples have been in movies forever. His and her costumes look basically the same, but some are sexier than others, depending on how you want to depict your couple. Her costume could be a lovely mummy dress, while the man’s costume is typical bandages from head to toe.  This is a great classic couples costume for Halloween that you can put your own imagination into and spin into a unique redesign on an old idea!  If you do your friends will surely like it!

Scream is one horror movie that never goes out of style. Your spouse or boyfriend can be the killer in his black robe and mask, carrying a knife, while you can dress as one of the victims of his crime – or the reporter, Gale Weathers.

Frankenstein and his bride are a real classic horror movie couple. The Bride of Frankenstein came out in 1934, and everyone loved the idea that this monster got his own lovely lady. The bride’s costume is a beautiful white dress and her signature black and white tall hairdo.  Here’s a pretty sexy modern

Sweeny Todd and Mrs. Lovett have a sort of Steampunk look to them, and they’re a horror movie couple costume idea that’s right for those who like to work together to create chaos. Make sure you get the razor accessory to complete the look!


Didn’t see something you like here?  Find out more Halloween Couples Costumes at Amazon today!   They have the best prices around!

Great Halloween Costumes For Boys

Boys firefighter costumeSometimes you just wonder what is the best boy’s Halloween costume to get for your little one.  Should you go with something that’s a good standby costume that everyone will love for nostalgia purposes or would you be better off getting something new and hip that might be based on the latest book or movie craze?  If your son doesn’t know exactly what he wants then you should consider one of these classic boys costumes this October 31st!

Classic costumes for boys include a wide range of options this Halloween season. Heroes are important to boys and not all of the heroes they love fly through the sky or shoot webs to capture bad guys. Some of the heroes they love to copy are ordinary people such as firemen.

Boys love to dress up like firemen in the extra tough costume that’s designed like the ones a real fireman wears. These even have the buckles and suspenders!Many of the firefighter costumes come with the helmet accessories in black or red but the rain boots are sold separately.

This firefighter costume is great for little boys because it has everything you need to look complete – helmet, jumpsuit and reflector tape on the suit.  All you would need to complete the costume are some rain boots and your little boy is set for Halloween!

More ordinary heroes that boys love to copy are police officers. They love to pretend to chase down the bad guys and keep the cities safe. Now they can dress like this hero in the police officer uniforms.

These costumes are available in blue or black and are made with the police insignia on the front or back. There’s also a holster for a toy gun. The costumes usually come with a jacket and a hat, too.

For example, I do really like this one for a policeman costume.  It comes with the hat, jacket, and pants.  All you would need to go with it is a cheap accessory kit (think handcuffs, and plastic baton) and the costume is ready for Halloween!

Johnny Depp stirred up the interest in a pirate’s life when the first Pirates of the Caribbean hit the theaters years ago and boys want to take part in the adventures for themselves.

Dressing like a pirate is easy when you have a swashbuckling pirate costume. With the puffy shirts, jagged pants and waist sash, any boy can commandeer plenty of treats for his Halloween bounty.

Though pirate costumes are mostly in black and red colors, you can find some in maroon or other colors. Headbands are also part of the costumes and you can get eye patches and hats with skulls on them to go along with the ensemble.

Medium boys pirate halloween costumeOne pirate costume for boys that is getting great reviews online is right here.  Most customers are saying the price is great for the costume you get.  It has a pleather like material for the jacket, a red top, and black and white loose pants that hit around the calves.  To complete the set you’d need a fake sword and an eye patch.  I just love Halloween costumes that don’t require you to buy much extra to complete them!

Magician costumes are always in demand with little boys. They come with capes, tall hats (for pulling rabbits out of) and wands. Besides the capes, you can get magician costumes that are robes, too. Just watch out for the disappearing candy trick!

Sports costumes are bestselling options for boys and he’ll enjoy dressing up to pretend that he’s just like his favorite football, baseball or hockey player. You can also find costumes licensed by major league teams if you want to find one that’s exactly like what his favorite sports team wears. These will include helmets and numbers for him to choose for the jersey but might be a bit more pricey since they are officially licensed costumes.

Boys like animal costumes that are from their favorite shows such as Sesame Street characters if they’re little. But they also like jungle costumes like lions and gorillas. Some of the gorilla costumes are cute and cuddly, while others are scary. Penguins and pandas are also popular animal costumes for Halloween with the Happy Feet and Kung Fu Panda.

Cutest Baby Bug And Animal Costumes

Baby Bear Costume - UnisexNothing is as precious as seeing a little baby dressed up in an animal or bug costume for Halloween night. It’s even a popular saying: “Cute as a bug!” So you’ll want to choose among the wide selection of bug and animal costumes for your little son or daughter this October 31st.

Let’s start with the bugs. There are some for boys, some for girls, and some that are unisex in nature, like the caterpillar. Most of the little bug costumes are actually for girls – because they’re dresses with wings, like the butterfly, bumblebee and ladybug.

I really like the ladybug costume for babies. It is definitely one that is for girls rather than boys. It comes with a cute little dress and some wings!  The dress and wings are both red with big black spots – just like a real ladybug.  It comes in a variety of sizes your your young kids and babies.

One unisex animal costume in the animal kingdom is a baby bear costume. You can get specific types of bears, like koalas, panda bears, and polar bears. Or, you can opt for a character costume, and dress your baby girl or boy up as a Care Bear!

If you look to the picture above it is of this awesomely adorable bear costume for little ones!  Don’t you just want to hug that baby?

Birds are another unisex animal costume option for Halloween. You can buy owl costumes, peacocks, parrots, ostriches, and more! Two popular baby bird costumes this year will be Penguins for the movie Happy Feet, and Angry Birds costumes based on the popular gaming app.

It’s always a good idea to go with a costume based on one of the more popular books, movies, or games of the year.  People will instantly be able to recognize it and will just love seeing your baby dressed up in a popular costume!

One fun idea is to have the whole family dress up as animal characters from Winnie the Pooh. You can find baby costumes for Tigger the Tiger, Kanga or Roo, Eeyore the donkey, Piglet, and even Owl! Of course there’s one for Winnie the Pooh bear, too.

Winnie the Pooh is one story that will always be loved no matter how old it gets.  I would just love to see a little family of kids all dressed up in cute family-themed costumes!

There are many regular animal costumes that fit the bill for a fun Halloween night, too. There are many baby lion outfits, sweet cows, and little bunny rabbits. You can find pink pigs, little soft lambs and ducks, and even ferocious crocodiles!

Monkeys are a popular animal costume option, and you can find them in normal versions or sock monkey varieties. If your daughter is going to be a kitten, that’s an easy costume to find. But little boys aren’t left out, either. You can buy a Puss in Boots cat costume for him!

My nephew was a monkey for Halloween one year and it was one of the best baby costumes I have seen in person yet.  With a fun little tail the child can play with you are sure to gain attention from your friends and family!

cute baby monkey costumePuppy dogs are a sweet idea for a baby costume. You can either find regular dog costumes, like a brown puppy or pink poodle, or go with one of the characters that everyone loves such as Snoopy, Scooby Doo, or Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but not in the costume world. They have a ton of choices – from fierce T-Rexes to fun triceratops. And even thought they’re not real, you might find a dragon costume that you like even better than a typical dinosaur!

When you consider animal costumes, don’t forget about those creatures living under the sea. Finding Nemo made clownfish and flounder costumes a hot item, but there are also really cute lobster, crab, shrimp and shark outfits, too!

Hungry For Katniss Everdeen Costumes?

Katniss everdeen wigThere will be a lot of women and girls wearing Katniss Everdeen costumes this Halloween! In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is a heroine that knows how to use a bow and arrow to take care of herself and the people that she loves.

She knows how to survive great odds. Starting out as an underdog, she quickly rises to the top and becomes a fan favorite in the annual games that the Capitol forces the people from the Districts to compete in.  The books were awesome page-turners and the movie had dramatic special effects that helped make it a huge success – it’s no wonder this will be one of the most popular costume choices for halloween this year!

The book became a blockbuster movie and everyone from tweens to adults wanted to emulate the strength and character of Katniss. This Halloween is the perfect time to show what a fan you are of this plucky teenager who ends up fighting back and winning against the system that would rather destroy her.

One of the most notable things about the character of course, is her thick, luxurious hair – but you don’t have to have long hair to emulate the way this character wears hers. Since her trademark is to wear her long hair in a braid, you can buy wigs that have the long braid in the back like she does and yet allows some of the bangs to flow free and frame both sides of the face.

Now – getting a quality wig is pretty important.  You don’t want the rest of the costume to be impressive but have a cheap looking braid that doesn’t really make you look like Katniss Everdeen for your Halloween costume.  This wig is available on Amazon and really will be a good start for your Katniss Costume.

Since Katniss didn’t really wear makeup, but had flawless skin, you’ll want to use some makeup to make sure you take away any shine, but keep it as natural as possible. If you want to add even more authenticity, you can add some smears of dirt – like you just got back from competing in the games or just came home from being in the woods searching for food.

You might not think about it but this is a pretty key part of the Katniss Everdeen costume.  Just think about how much of the Hunger Games books and movie focused on Katniss’s escapades in the forest and in the Games.  You might not like having a bit of dirt (or similar effect with makeup) on your face but to be an authentic Hunger Games costume you should really consider it.

Katniss wore a dark hoodie before she went to the capital and had to wear the sizzling dress for her debut, and she also wore the hoodie during the actual games – so to be in character, you’d probably want to stick with a dark hoodie without any designs or logos. You can find a replica hoodie or jacket from the movie online.

Remember that you want to keep all of the colors of her clothes muted shades. So choose dark pants and a dark shirt. You’ll also want additional props, like the Mockingjay pendant – since that plays an important part in the story. You can add District 12 jewelry to show association with the character’s district.

For you feet, you’ll want to get the black lace up boots that look sort of like combat boots. Of course, you can’t forget one of the most notable accessories and that’s the bow and arrow set. Replica bow and arrow sets aren’t always as easy to find online (but here is one) but the rest of the Katniss Halloween costume is.  Remember the most important thing to remember is to have fun with your Hunger Games costume this year!