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Cutest Baby Bug And Animal Costumes

Baby Bear Costume - UnisexNothing is as precious as seeing a little baby dressed up in an animal or bug costume for Halloween night. It’s even a popular saying: “Cute as a bug!” So you’ll want to choose among the wide selection of bug and animal costumes for your little son or daughter this October 31st.

Let’s start with the bugs. There are some for boys, some for girls, and some that are unisex in nature, like the caterpillar. Most of the little bug costumes are actually for girls – because they’re dresses with wings, like the butterfly, bumblebee and ladybug.

I really like the ladybug costume for babies. It is definitely one that is for girls rather than boys. It comes with a cute little dress and some wings!  The dress and wings are both red with big black spots – just like a real ladybug.  It comes in a variety of sizes your your young kids and babies.

One unisex animal costume in the animal kingdom is a baby bear costume. You can get specific types of bears, like koalas, panda bears, and polar bears. Or, you can opt for a character costume, and dress your baby girl or boy up as a Care Bear!

If you look to the picture above it is of this awesomely adorable bear costume for little ones!  Don’t you just want to hug that baby?

Birds are another unisex animal costume option for Halloween. You can buy owl costumes, peacocks, parrots, ostriches, and more! Two popular baby bird costumes this year will be Penguins for the movie Happy Feet, and Angry Birds costumes based on the popular gaming app.

It’s always a good idea to go with a costume based on one of the more popular books, movies, or games of the year.  People will instantly be able to recognize it and will just love seeing your baby dressed up in a popular costume!

One fun idea is to have the whole family dress up as animal characters from Winnie the Pooh. You can find baby costumes for Tigger the Tiger, Kanga or Roo, Eeyore the donkey, Piglet, and even Owl! Of course there’s one for Winnie the Pooh bear, too.

Winnie the Pooh is one story that will always be loved no matter how old it gets.  I would just love to see a little family of kids all dressed up in cute family-themed costumes!

There are many regular animal costumes that fit the bill for a fun Halloween night, too. There are many baby lion outfits, sweet cows, and little bunny rabbits. You can find pink pigs, little soft lambs and ducks, and even ferocious crocodiles!

Monkeys are a popular animal costume option, and you can find them in normal versions or sock monkey varieties. If your daughter is going to be a kitten, that’s an easy costume to find. But little boys aren’t left out, either. You can buy a Puss in Boots cat costume for him!

My nephew was a monkey for Halloween one year and it was one of the best baby costumes I have seen in person yet.  With a fun little tail the child can play with you are sure to gain attention from your friends and family!

cute baby monkey costumePuppy dogs are a sweet idea for a baby costume. You can either find regular dog costumes, like a brown puppy or pink poodle, or go with one of the characters that everyone loves such as Snoopy, Scooby Doo, or Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but not in the costume world. They have a ton of choices – from fierce T-Rexes to fun triceratops. And even thought they’re not real, you might find a dragon costume that you like even better than a typical dinosaur!

When you consider animal costumes, don’t forget about those creatures living under the sea. Finding Nemo made clownfish and flounder costumes a hot item, but there are also really cute lobster, crab, shrimp and shark outfits, too!