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Sport Dog Costumes

football player dog costumeThere is a huge selection of sports dog costumes and with all the great ideas out there, it can be a hard choice deciding which one you want to get because so many of them are just awesome! If you have a sports team that you just love and root for, then you can usually find a licensed product from that team for your dog’s Halloween costume.

For example, you can easily get licensed NFL costumes of your favorite team with the jersey numbers on the back of the costume. These costumes will have the same team colors that the players wear. You can also get cheerleading costumes for your dog that are mini replicas of the cheerleading uniforms that are worn by your favorite team’s cheerleaders.

If you like football but don’t want to dish out the extra money for an official team costume for your dog then you can get a generic but awesome football costume for your dog.  I like this one the best from the football costumes for pets that I found online!

I think the cheerleader costumes are pretty incredible too.  Even if you have a male dog, the cheerleading costumes for Halloween still look really funny and your friends will appreciate the look!

But if you don’t want to go with any of the licensed products, you still have plenty of other options. You can get football player costumes for your dog that have the jersey shirt with the number on the back and also have uniform pants. These come in different colors and many different sizes too!. A football helmet that ties on and has holes for the dog’s ears is also included.

Basketball uniforms as costumes is also another option. These costumes are varied and can include the stuffed arms holding a ball so that it appears your dog is on his legs actually holding the ball. The costume is a shirt and pants with the dog’s legs fitting through the legs of the pants. But you can also get the costumes that are basketball jerseys and come with matching booties for your pet.

Whether you go with football or basketball, there are also cheerleading costumes that can go along with either of the sports dog costumes. These are all different styles and colors and are easy Velcro closures either under the neck or the stomach. Some of the more unique cheerleading costumes are the ones that have multi-colored pom-pom booties.

basketball costume for dogsBesides football and basketball costumes, there’s another ball costume that looks great on dogs and that’s the baseball costume. With the jersey vest and matching hat, your pet will look like he’s ready to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

There aren’t many options for baseball dog Halloween costumes unfortunately.  The best one that is on Amazon really is a fun costume for even a big or small dog though!  If you don’t want a baseball costume, there are plenty of other sports costumes for dogs to choose from.

Some pet owners prefer to dress their dogs up in costumes that show their love of a certain sport without using a jersey jumpsuit costume. For those owners, there are sports costumes that are football costumes that are simply a football or a basketball or a soccer ball.  In my opinion these look best on smaller dogs!