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Big Bang Theory Halloween Costumes

big bang theory halloween costumesThe Big Bang Theory is an American comedy show which first aired in 2007. It has become an amazing world-wide success due to the collection of lovable geeky characters in the show. The four main characters each have a distinct look which can be easily replicated for fun Big Bang Theory Halloween costumes.

Sheldon Cooper Halloween Costume
Sheldon’s costume is basically made up of clothing that a student would wear. He likes brown pants, a long t-shirt with a short sleeved t-shirt layered on top and a pair of brown lace up shoes.

What really makes his look stand out is the t-shirts which are emblazoned with logos. The logos usually refer to his favourite comic books or to a scientific theory.

There are three great options that have proven to be most popular. Choose a bright red t-shirt with the yellow insignia of “The Flash”. You could also choose a green coloured t-shirt with the logo image that represents “The Green Lantern”. Another option is to get a t-shirt with one of Sheldon’s famous sayings printed on it. A fun example is the word “Bazinga”.

Howard Wolowitz Halloween Costume
Howard likes to think of himself as a ladies man and his clothing is a little over the top.Most of his costume can be found in second hand shops that have a seventies vibe.

A very popular look for him is the turtleneck worn underneath a plaid shirt. This is then tucked into a pair of pants that are a little bit too tight for him. As a babe magnet, he also wears a leather belt with a oversized buckle so that the ladies can zone in on that particular area.

Howard’s choice of footwear is a pair of tennis shoes that colour co-ordinate with the pants that he is wearing.

Howard has the worst bowl cut hairstyle ever. This can be replicated by getting a short dark brown wig.

#1Mystery House The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bazinga Mens Costume
The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bazinga Mens Costume

#2The Big Bang Theory Temporary Tattoos
The Big Bang Theory Temporary Tattoos

#3Big Bang Theory Leonard Trompe Loeil Costume Mens T-Shirt
Big Bang Theory Leonard Trompe Loeil Costume Mens T-Shirt

#4Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Kigurumi Costume One Size Fits Most
Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Costume One Size Fits Most

#5Mens The Big Bang Theory Shel-bot Costume T-shirt
Mens The Big Bang Theory Shel-bot Costume T-shirt

Leonard Hofstader Halloween Costume
Leonard’s costume is another costume that is easy to put together. This character is quite shy and wears muted tones. His looks consists of a pair of dark pants or jeans, a t-shirt with a logo or print, which is then overlayed with a hooded top and a khaki coloured jacket.

His footwear is usually a pair of converse shoes. Leonard wears dark rimmed glasses and has short curly hair.

Rajesh Koothrappali Halloween Costume
Rajesh’s costume is made up of clothes that are a part of everyday wear for the typical young student or graduate. The only difference is that he finishes off the look with one item of clothing that tends to clashes terribly with the rest of his ensemble.

The costume is made up of a pair of green or khaki pants, a plain shirt and a light coloured jacket. The bad taste part of his costume is the type of sweater Rajesh chooses to wear. These knitted V neck vests are reminiscent of clothing from the 1970s. They are usually made in brown and mustard colours or bright oranges and yellows with diamond or hexagon patterns that were very popular back in the day. Sometimes Rajesh wears a bright red baseball cap.

Orange Is The New Black Halloween Costume

orange is the new black halloween costumeOrange Is the New Black is an American comedy-drama series that is set in a prison. It airs on Netflix and has become a real success story. If you are thinking about dressing up as one of the characters from the show, then here are the items you need to create the perfect prison Halloween costume.

The two main characters in the show are Piper and Alex. They used to be a couple back in the day and are now serving sentences for drug related crimes in the same prison.

The prisoners wear two sets of uniforms. They will either be wearing an orange outfit, or they will be wearing a khaki coloured set of scrubs.

Piper’s Prison Costume
The main part of Piper’s outfit is the set of orange scrubs that she wears when she first arrives at the prison. You can get these from any fancy dress store or you might be able to find a cheaper alternative by looking for nurse’s scrubs. They come in all colours and you can pick up a set at a very reasonable price.

The rest of Piper’s prison outfit includes the white long sleeved top that she wears underneath the orange vest. Then you just need the dark coloured sneakers and a pair of white tennis socks to finish the look.

Piper’s Hair
If you want to dress like Piper, you should have long blond hair. If this is not your natural hair colour, you can easily purchase a blond wig online.

#1Forum Novelties Mens Adult Jailbird Costume
Men’s Adult Jailbird Costume

#2Underwraps Womens Busted
Sexy Women’s Busted Prison Costume

#3Ao No Exorcist Shiemi Moriyama Cosplay Light Blonde Short Party Hair Wig
Piper’s Light Blonde Short Party Hair Wig

#4California Costumes Womens Eye Candy - Coquette Wig
Alex Wig

#5Dark Tan Heavyweight Premium Quality Unisex Scrub Set
Alex’s Tan Scrub Kit

Alex’s Prison Costume
Alex wears the tan coloured prison outfit. It is the same style as Piper’s orange scrubs. Again, you could check out the fancy dress stores or see if you can find a set in the nurse’s uniform section of the store.

Alex has long dark hair so if you want to complete the look, invest in a good wig. This character also has a tattoo of a rose on the top of her arm and a ring of vines around her wrist. You can get some really great temporary tattoos that easily adhere to the skin and are then easy to remove once the Halloween celebrations are over.

Don’t forget the pair of black rimmed glasses that she wears.

Crazy Eyes
One of the most distinctive characters in the cast of Orange is the New Black is called Crazy Eyes. She stands out because of her looks and demeanour. She wears the tan set of prison overalls with a grey under-shirt.

If you twist your hair into little plaited knots and cross your eyes, then you are half way to looking like this character.

Walter White Costume From Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a hugely popular American TV series. It ran for 5 amazing seasons and is now in syndication all over the world. There are several characters from the show that you could choose to dress up as this Halloween but Walter White is by far going to be the most popular costume from Breaking Bad this year! Here are some great ideas for you.

Walter White was a Chemistry teacher. He was diagnosed with Cancer and wanted to be sure that his family was financially secure when he died. This is when he turned to a life of crime and decided to produce and sell crystal meth. His partner in crime is a young guy called Jesse Pinkman.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Halloween Costumes
There are several iconic Halloween costumes that you can choose. The most popular look is the bright yellow chem suit that they both wear. This is a look that will cover you from head to toe.

All you need is a bright yellow jumpsuit. Team that with a pair of bright blue surgical gloves. It might be easier and cheaper to buy a pair of rubber gloves. Then you just need a set of protective eye wear and mask. There are some really great combinations that will sit neatly over the hood of the yellow jumpsuit.

You can actually order a Breaking Bad Halloween costume that has a built in face mask. This might not look as authentic as the real thing but it can work out to be great if you are working with a smaller budget.

The Alternative Walter White Halloween Costume
If you are little braver, you might like to consider the other look that Walter White showed off in the television series. He was wearing a lot less clothes but this still makes an effective costume. All you need is a long green plastic apron and this is to be worn over a pair of white underpants.

#1Woochie Bald Cap Flesh
Walter White Bald Cap

#2Dupont Large Yellow Tychem Qc Chemical Protection Coveralls
Dupont Large Yellow Tychem Qc Chemical Protection Coveralls

#3New Non-Prescription Premium Aviator Clear Lens Glasses + FREE GT Microfiber
Non-Prescription WalterWhite Aviator Clear Lens Glasses + FREE GT Microfiber

#4Vktech Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles Set (Style A)
Vktech Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles Set (Style A)

#5Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Crystals (1 Pound Bag)
Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Crystals (1 Pound Bag)

Walter White Accessories
The Bald Head
This character has a very distinctive look and this all starts with his head. He is completely bald. If you want to look a little more like Walter, you might want to invest in a bald cap. There are some great ones around which will make people think you really did cut off all your hair.

The Glasses
Walter is a spectacle wearing gentleman and his eye-wear of choice is a pair of vintage style aviator glasses. It is very easy to buy a pair of glasses with clear lenses online.

The Drugs
A drug supplier should always have a sample of their product on their person so Walter and Jesse need to have an appropriate prop. You can re-create a bag of crystal meth by getting small plastic bags and filling them with ice-blue coloured rock candy.