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Best Infant Costumes This Year

What is cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume? Not many things. Maybe baby animals. But if you dress your baby up like a baby animal, then it’s just an overload of adorable. You don’t just have to settle for animal costumes, however. There are so many baby and infant costumes out there from which to choose for your little bundle of cute.

Baby Tiger Tot Costume
As mentioned previously, cute babies in cute animal costumes are just too adorable. This tiger Halloween costume includes a hood with plush details, a jumpsuit with snaps for easy diaper change, and skid resistant feet. And because babies like to make messes, this super soft costume is machine washable. Your little jungle cat will be ferocious (ferociously sweet) in this tiger costume. The sizes range from extra small to extra-large. That covers newborn up to 24 month old.

Baby Viking Costume
Your baby will be ready to conquer the new world in this Viking Halloween costume. It is machine washable. The jumpsuit is lined and zippered, featuring faux fur trim and an attached decorative belt. It also includes slip-on booties and a soft horned hat with a detachable beard.

Your baby will be the life of the party in this viking costume!

Pink Elephant Costume
An adorable infant’s elephant costume that includes a lovely pink jumpsuit with attached skid resistant booties and a separate hood. The size ranges small to large, from six months to 24 months old. And it’s handily machine washable. This is an absolutely perfect costume for any little girl this year. There are similar ones in grey that might suit little boys more than a bright pink one – or pink is also fine if you want 🙂

Baby Bat Costume
This adorable, craft-looking costume feels smooth to the touch and is machine washable. The zippered, one piece jumpsuit features snaps for easy diaper change and has skid resistant booties. The costume hood includes Velcro/snap closure and detachable plush wings. This sweet bat costume will fit babies from infancy to toddlerhood.

This costume would go well for either a boy or a girl.  Either will be super cute!

Snow White Infant Costume
You need to have a princess Halloween costume for your little princess. And what better Disney princess than the first one ever? This Snow White costume features a dress with a “velvety bodice with stretch back and Velcro tab at back neck; stand up collar; satin puff sleeve with ribbon stripes and elastic cuffs; sheer fabric roses along the neck and waist; Snow White cameo at the neck; skirt with attached stiffer underskirt; and glitter sheer overlay.” The colors are yellow, blue, red, and white. It is not machine washable. This costume fits 12 month olds to 18 month olds. Other great options are available for different age infants and toddlers too!

Baby Boy Count Cutie Vampire
“Your little vampire may not have all his fangs yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t channel Dracula with this jumpsuit complete with bat pendant and detachable cape.” The baby who wears this will be the cutest count in town. The Count Cutie Vampire Halloween costume includes a jumpsuit with a detachable cape, an attached jabot and bat pendant, and snaps for easy diaper change. The jumpsuit can only be hand washed, not machine washed. The costume fits infants up to 18-months.

Dracula Untold Costumes – unique vampire costume deals

Like many years, Dracula costumes will be pretty popular this year. Many people don’t know that the Prince Vlad lived in Romania and was given the name Dracula which some say means “Son of Dracul” while others say it means “Son of a dragon.”

Regardless of the meaning, the name Dracula has struck fear in the hearts of people who became acquainted with the name thanks to Bram Stoker’s book from so long ago.

The story of Dracula has been retold many times since the late 1800s. Dracula Untold is one version of such a retelling (I’ve pasted the preview/trailer down below in case you want to see it again)

This is a movie that’s supposed to release close to Halloween and is guaranteed to chase chills up your spine. The creep factor to this movie and character is more fitting with a horror film and dials up the dread so much more than other retellings.

Luke Evans is the actor who plays the character of Vlad Tepes based on Prince Vlad or Vlad the Impaler as he was called. In the movie, it explores the world of Vlad Tepes before and up to him becoming the fearsome character. The movie has a gray, dark tone to the settings as well as with the costumes.

Unlike the cartoonish Dracula costumes you’ll sometimes see on the market, the one worn in the movie is quite stylish. The color of Dracula’s clothes are gray or black starting with the character even before he’s known as Dracula.

#1California Costumes Mens Very Cool Vampire Costume
California Costumes Men”s Very Cool Vampire Costume

#2California Costumes Womens Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume
California Costumes Women”s Blood Thirsty Beauty Costume

#3Seasons Mens Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit (Adult)
Seasons Men”s Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit (Adult)

As Vlad, the character manages to create an empathetic feel due to his strong feelings for the world he rules and those he cares about. When he’s in character, you’ll find this character’s costume to be dark, long sleeves shirts that look blue-gray in color paired with dark pants.

As Dracula, the costume is a long, flowing black cape similar to the ones you’ve seen in the other Dracula stories. There’s also a button up, dark vest in a silky material – and a neck scarf is worn at times.

Though the character of Dracula does have fangs in this movie, it’s not the fake looking ones from movies past. These look real and very fearsome. You’ll find that some of the Dracula costumes advertise the fangs along with a cape and black boot covers while with other costumes, you have to buy each piece as an individual one.

Another one of the costumes from the movie is a cloak more than a cape. It has large sleeves and is more of a dark gray than black. There’s a gray vest with this one and large black cravat tied in a bow. The white shirt that goes under the vest does not come with this costume.