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Group Costumes From TV Shows

Television shows define our culture to a certain degree, and when it comes time for Halloween, many of us want to dress up with our friends as some of our favorite characters. Here are a few ideas for some group TV show costumes you and your friends might want to consider, if you’re all fans:

Jersey Shore is still a hit in its last year, so many friends will pay homage to the show in 2012 by dressing as Snooki, Situation, Jwow and Pauly D. If there’s a pregnant friend among you, then you might choose to make her Snookie, since she has a bun in the oven this year and it’s a boy!

The Walking Dead is a hit TV show that now has lots of costumes out for it. You have the zombies, of course, but you can also dress up as the sheriff, Rick Grimes, or some of the other main characters. This is probably my absolute favorite group costume. There are so many different zombie costumes you can go with. The Sheriff and a bunch of zombies are easy costumes to make!

The Glee cast – Puck, Finn, Rachel and the others, like coach Sue, make a wonderful set of costumes for friends. Complete with letterman jackets, they look just like the ones on TV. And make sure you have someone carry an ice cold slushie around with you at all times, just so you can fight back against the bullies.

Classic TV shows also have some good group costume ideas. Take The Brady Bunch, for example. You can have a huge group that dresses up and Mom and Dad, all thee kids and even housekeeper Alice! You can buy the costumes in a complete set of nine, if you want to, also.

Scooby Doo is another gang of friends from TV that can be a wonderful costume idea. Shagggy, Selma and the gang have costumes online, and one of you can even dress up as Scooby himself.

If you’re a Saturday Night Live fan, then your group of friends might all dress up as some of the favorite all-time characters from the show, like the Spartan cheerleaders or Mildred the Lunch Lady.

If it’s you and your significant other, plus another couple, then you might consider going as one of the classic duos like the friends from I Love Lucy – Ricky and Lucy and Ethel and Fred.

There are unlimited ideas for group TV costumes. First, decide on which show you all agree is great – and then divvy up the characters so that you can each represent your favorite ones!